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2014 WRWSA Regional Water Supply Plan Update

Executive Summary

This document is the Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority’s update to the 2005 Master Regional Water Supply Plan and 2010 Phase II Detailed Water Supply Feasibility Analysis. The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) co-funded the development of this document and intends to incorporate portions of it into the 2015 update of the Regional Water Supply Plan for the Northern Planning Region. This Water Supply Plan is a 20-year assessment of water demands and potential sources of water available to meet these demands. The objective is to assist water supply utilities within the WRWSA’s four-county region by developing implementable water supply options and strategies to meet future demands. The timing and feasibility of supply options may vary among the utilities based on their location, level of need, conservation and reuse potential, economic constraints, or the availability of traditional and alternative water supplies. A comprehensive analysis of options has been completed which includes environmental concerns according to location and potential yield; consideration of utilizing new sources; water quality and treatment requirements; and economic considerations for transmission, pumping, operation and maintenance costs. The following is a summary of the important information and conclusions in the Water Supply Plan Update.

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